In Home care, our product Glycasol stands out due to its striking dissolving properties, while being non-skin-irritant, showing almost no hazards and showing a high compatibility with human and environmental health. All of that while being of biogeneous origin.

Glycasol delivers increased compatibility of multiple compounds in formulations, leading to more stable, homogeneous solutions. Its neutral pH of 7.2 is distinctly mild on textiles and leather and thus prevents damage and deformation. Glycasol is a colourless, odourless liquid.

Household Cleaning

Glycasol delivers optimal compatibility with surfactants and fragrances and boosts the formulations dissolving capacity in neutral and alkaline solutions.

Glycasols hydrotropic character boosts surfactant properties for more efficient performance especially in oil/grease and soap scum removal.

Glycasol being non-toxic makes it applicable for i.e. kitchen cleaners. It can replace hazardous co-solvents and petrochemically based glycol ethers (BG, BDG, DPM, DPnB, PM, DEGME, EGHE).


  • Glycasols low evaporation rate elongates the effective period of the fragrance due to a slow release of the active compound. Glycasol was shown to outperform glycol ethers and alcohols in fragrance release.
  • Glycasol as carrier of multiple fragrance components was found to allow maintenance of a constant fragrance profile over time, making it suitable for the use in air care devices (wicking, electrical or aerosol devices). Over a period of 30 days, Glycasol outperformed i.e. DPM (Di(propyleneglycol)methylether) and MMB (methoxy methyl butanol). The elongated effective-period and increased composition-stability were also reported when Glycasol was used as co-solvent in water-based solutions.


Glycasols miscibility with a broad range of solvents (including water and oils) allows facilitated control of various properties of the mixture (i.e. viscosity, drying time).

Glycasols slow evaporation gives more time for operation (i.e. polishing, levelling and smoothing of the film).

Glycasol imparts a gloss and shine with its refractive index of 1.43.

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